The ICGAT is dedicated to human resource development and applications using Geoinformatics.The ICGAT conducts trainings in GIS,GPS and Satelite Remote Sensing Technology and Applications.ICGAT has a pool of resources in latest GIS and Remote Sensing Software, Fast Computers,Digitizers,Scenners, Printers and well equipped training rooms with multimedia.

The training programs of ICGAT vary from seminars to trainings.Training durations range between 3 day and one-month. Each trainig gives a significant weight to Hands-on training guided by able resource persons and supported by several well trained instructors. Hands-on work are always based on real life applications for effective trainee exposure


  1. Capacity building of personnel in the South and South East Asian region in the field of Geoinformatics

  2. Providing Technical support to Agencies in Sri Lanka and South Asia in the use of Geoinformatics with other related technology and application fields

  3. Facilitating collaborative research in the field of Geoinformatics with local and international organizations

  4. Hosting Master, Ph.D. and Post Doctoral students collaboratively with the academia of University of Moratuwa in the field of Geoinformatics

  5. Promoting and obtaining training and consultancy projects locally and internationally

  6. Self sustainability in funding

  7. Strengthening UOM capability in Geoinformatics and applications

  8. Creating related data archives and building human networks for efficient use of Geoinformatics




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